Why Use ICCI

our specialized equipment

ICCI’s proprietary, highly engineered equipment is designed for the specific purpose of efficiently cleaning each process system.

Our equipment undergoes regular refinement, driven by a Pre-Commissioning project feedback loop supported by our internal systems and substantial knowledge base.

Pre-commissioning cleaning specialists

Since 2002 ICCI has developed and deployed proprietary field-proven equipment and methods. Our experience combined with our passion for innovation has helped us develop the best processes to maximize efficiency to deliver the results you want.

Pre-Commissioning cleaning is what we do and our track record is impeccable: ICCI Pre-Commissioning services exceed spec on your schedule.

Take advantage of the benefits of outsourced Pre-commissioning cleaning and startup support services.

Meeting or exceeding a defined specification for operational system cleanliness is critical to on-time startup and revenue generation. Decisions about how this essential work is performed can have a huge impact.

That’s why it makes sense to outsource Pre-Commissioning cleaning to ICCI specialists. Our unsurpassed knowledge, skills, and experience are among the many good reasons why ICCI is the best choice to help ensure a successful, on-time startup.

Risk mitigation

You need to focus on your business’ operations; Pre-Commissioning cleaning services is not a usual part of your operations, and you may be assuming unnecessary risks, including scheduling, that ICCI Pre-Commissioning cleaning experts can mitigate.

These risks can assume forms beyond typical HSE factors. Substandard job performance by inexperienced personnel or inappropriate equipment can have a substantial bottom-line impact.