Why Use ICCI

  • ICCI was born out of frustration. The founders of ICCI set forth to create a company that was built on the foundation of doing Pre-Commissioning cleaning the right way. Many of the lessons came from lessons hard learned, working for other companies and continuous improvement on their own projects. The experience level they bring to the table is very deep and customer experience focused.
  • The core values of the organization are safety, teamwork, honesty, integrity, successful execution, and continual improvement.
  • As ICCI continues to grow into different markets around the world we maintain the vision of not only building the business on these core values but developing our team members to continue to be the best in industry.
  • ICCI has a best-in-class training system for teaching our personnel how to do the work and what makes ICCI’s techniques, engineering, and techniques deliver projects with better than industry average results and a customer focused manner.
  • ICCI is very experienced with hundreds of projects completed, with its team members having worked in over 50 countries internationally.
  • We claim to be the best but only because we are willing to learn from our past mistakes and continually improve our team and services.

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