ICCI has had great success in hiring, training, and advancing veterans. Your skills, experience, and work ethic seamlessly transfer to the industrial services environment.



Fifty percent of our direct hire staff are veterans from all branches of the military services. If you are a veteran, consider a career in industrial services. Here are some reasons why we think veterans are a great fit for us.

  • Health and safety:

    Training in a culture where protection of the team is paramount gives veterans a sharp understanding that safety in industrial services is everything.

  • Teamwork.

    Veterans understand how teamwork grows from responsibility to the group and the success of the mission. In industrial services, every operation involves teamwork. ICCI teams operate in the field as an autonomous unit, often having to think on their feet and make decisions affecting the outcome of the operation.

  • Leadership:

    Military training gives veterans a deep understanding of the practical ways to manage behaviors for results, even in the most trying circumstances. The industrial services sector can be an intense, schedule-driven environment where effective leadership is tested regularly.

  • Fast learning curve:

    As many of ICCI’s veterans can attest, “no two days are the same.” For anyone who likes to develop new skills and has a passion for problem-solving, the Industrial sector can offer a continuous learning curve. Veterans have the proven ability to learn new skills and concepts.

  • Diversity:

    Veterans have worked side by side with individuals of every race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background, and religion. ICCI’s clients and their major contractors are a diverse group; to execute a successful project, all stakeholders need to be engaged and pulling in the same direction.

  • Working under pressure:

    Veterans know what it takes to accomplish the mission under difficult conditions and tight schedules. Industrial services work often offer the same challenges. Military training gives veterans a big advantage in performing the job successfully.

  • Procedures:

    Every project ICCI executes has a written technical procedure. ICCI also depends on constantly updated procedures and guidelines for the optimum performance of the company. Veterans understand the importance of following procedures, giving feedback to improve procedures, and implementing new initiatives.

  • Integrity:

    Veterans have a track record of integrity. This is a highly valued quality in industrial services. ICCI’s customers operate many secure locations, often requiring security clearances, which are easily obtained by former military personnel.


Veterans Support — REUNITE THE FIGHT

ICCI is a proud supporter of Reunite the Fight. By actively recruiting and hiring veterans, we help this important charity in its goal of giving returning veterans a new mission—successfully and productively reconnecting with civilian life, and with each other. Learn more about this valiant effort at

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